Warning Signs of an Inadequately Done HVAC Tune Up

If you hear a rattling or squeaking noise coming from inside your HVAC system when it is turned on, it is time to schedule maintenance immediately. This could be due to something as simple as leaving debris in the air conditioning line, and a maintenance visit can help prevent major issues in the future. Additionally, if you smell a putrid odor coming from the vents, something may be stuck in them. It is essential that businesses and building owners who are considering repairing, modernizing, or replacing their commercial HVAC systems work with a qualified contractor to guarantee that the installation is done correctly.

An improper installation can reduce the efficiency of the system by up to 30%. The PG&E Alliance of Business Professionals online directory can help companies find contractors to help them repair or replace a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This includes installing new insulation, adjusting the building shell by looking for and sealing any cracks, changing air filters, tuning HVAC equipment and installing efficiency controls such as programmable thermostats. The age of the system can also be a warning sign. Knowing how old the current system is can make it easier to work with an HVAC contractor on repair decisions.

If the commercial air conditioning system is currently working well, there are several simple steps that can be taken to maintain its efficiency. Downloading the e-book The Complete Guide to Working with a PG&E Lighting or HVAC Contractor can help you go beyond the deliberation phase when repairing or replacing an HVAC system. A properly functioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system should be able to maintain the desired temperature and maintain a fairly even feel in your home. Businesses can also prevent or delay the appearance of these warning signs during the normal lifespan of a commercial HVAC system by collaborating with an HVAC contractor to establish a long-term quality maintenance program.

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