Is Your HVAC System Not Working After a Tune-Up? Here's How to Find Out

Are you wondering if your HVAC system is not functioning as it should after a tune-up? If so, there are a few steps you can take to determine the issue. First, take a look at the vents to see if there are any blockages that could be preventing air flow. Then, inspect the thermostat to see if it is displaying any error codes. Additionally, listen for any strange or unusual noises coming from the system.

Before you call a certified professional for an HVAC diagnostic checkup, it's beneficial to be aware of the most common HVAC problems. A small light on the system can indicate whether the engine is on or off, but if it is off, a diagnostic test may be necessary to identify the issue. If you're not sure where your HVAC air filter is located or how to install a new one, contact Nick's Air Conditioning and schedule an HVAC tune-up. A professional technician can examine your system and determine if it is underperforming and what needs to be done to fix it.

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